From Charlotte Magazine: 

You saw the images of Charlotte from Tuesday and Wednesday nights, when rioters tossed rocks at police and set fire to Interstate 85, and a man named Justin Carr was killed outside the Omni. Yes, those nights were that tough, maybe the most difficult in our city's history. But out of them sprouted several days of peaceful, emotional protests that captured both the frustration in Charlotte's black community and the willingness of others to join them. On Saturday, thousands of people of all colors and ages and occupations came together in Marshall Park and marched through uptown, chanting together, "Black Lives Matter."

This short documentary by filmmaker Shawn Cetrone offers a less common view of the protests than the images of violence and unrest from earlier in the week that were broadcast around the world. The film brings viewers along with the protesters as they gathered Saturday, marched, and peacefully shut down center city.
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